Radio Appearance Sept. 15, 2017

Check out WJOB and other local broadcasts in the future. 

Radio Appearance November 20, 2017

On the Lake County Republican Party Show. 

Call into WJOB January 16, 2018

Charles Kallas called into WJOB on the way to the state capital. 

Campaign Kickoff March 1, 2018

Charles Kallas raised $3,500 with 78 people district one voters in attendance.

Second View of Campaign Kickoff

Close up and better view of the speech given by Charles Kallas

Call into WJOB March 8, 2018

Charles Kallas calls into WJOB to discuss tariffs. 

WJOB Afternoon Fix 8-22-18

Charles Kallas was on WJOB talking about the recent complaint regarding the School City of Hammond that he filed with the Lake County Board of Elections and Registrations. 

WJOB Appearance 10-29-18

Charles Kallas 1 week before election!