Top Issues


  • Employment in Lake County has steadily declined despite low unemployment numbers

  • People are moving out of Lake County; declining census numbers prove this

  • Lake County needs job creation for our next Generation

  • I will work with the State to attract businesses to our area


  • Higher taxes, both corporate or personal, is the wrong way to attract business

  • Indiana has nearly 2 billion dollars in reserves and a steady flow of revenue

  • I will oppose unnecessary tax increases


  • I will work on improving Public Education legislation that invests in our children's future

  • I understand the strains teachers face throughout the area and will help work to finding better solutions for them

  • Restructure funding for schools to accommodate access to certain funds without raising taxes 


  • Continue to battle the opioid crisis

  • Evaluate legislation to help Healthcare workers

  • Continue to improve quality of life for every Hoosier

Issues In-Depth

Additional Information

What would you do to boost the economy in Indiana and Northwest Indiana?

As your State Senator I will work closely with new and old businesses as their voice to state government to help their needs in ensuring local economy stays balanced. I also believe some downtown districts are in need of a revival. Too many small businesses after decades of operation are closing. I will work closely with redevelopment commissions to get state aid and grants to help revive our local communities. Strong local business is essential for growing our economy.

What more should Indiana do to address drug addiction?

Recently, Governor Holcomb signed 3 bills into law to fund new opioid treatment centers, fight over the counter prescription abuse and requiring Coroners to do thorough investigations in deaths suspected by overdose. These laws will help in reducing opioid abuse. Treatment for drug users is more important in reversing addiction than incarceration. I believe we need to structure the law to accommodate better treatment to those that abuse drugs and hold drug dealers more accountable by increasing our sentencing laws. In addition, we should also be looking at our state budget towards education and determining how much more can be allotted for more drug awareness programs for our middle/high school students.

What should the General Assembly do to improve education in Indiana?

The General Assembly should spend a great deal of time focusing on how best to improve education in the coming legislative session in 2019. With enough data collected over the years, we can evaluate how the tax caps have helped/hurt school corporations, the need for referendums to increase funding, and how we ensure funding to these school corporations are not only being held accountable but spent in regards to a better future for our community.

Often, we see many teachers that pay out of pocket for school expenses and don’t get reimbursed or tax deducted for the full amount. We entrust our children with these role models, its only fair we make an honest effort to ensure teachers aren’t burdening the cost for doing their job.

We should be encouraging education in STEM courses; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. This type of education is essential in the growing high tech fields that are being applied to nearly every type of work field. Though I recognize not every student may be interested in STEM courses, familiarization will help them past high school whether in college or the immediate work field. We should enhance partnerships for labor and building trades to have students get an early understanding. Not everyone needs to go to college to get a good paying job.

Improved accountability will result in less tax dollar waste, less waste means more going towards the students, improved quality of/for educators, and better role models for our children. I don’t believe the General Assembly would need to do anything drastic other than the budgeting of money. Minor changes for qualifications, licensing, and background checks should also be given a fair opportunity to be discussed. Our children deserve the best education possible and deserve to be safe in that process.

What should be done to address child poverty and child welfare in Indiana?

In regards to addressing child poverty and child welfare in Indiana the best option at this current time is to provide increased tax deductions to those who either foster or adopt children in the welfare system. This would encourage more opportunities for adults to provide for those in need and have more money in their pocket to do so.

We need to tackle the hard root causes of poverty in this state. In the United States most root causes of poverty are mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction, abuse, or abandonment. By improving education, stabilizing our local economies, and work on improved quality of life we can help students at risk and better help child poverty.

As State Senator, I will continue to address this issue and find ways to get children out of the welfare system and into stable environments.

What social issues require federal action, and what would you do about them?

I believe unless the Federal government has a position or law in place, every issue should be left up to each State to find the right course of action. The States have the right to best govern the people without the Federal Government interference.

Is there anything else you want to tell us?

In regards to how the next four years will be, we need to be thinking of the long term plan. Is electing a 9-time incumbent going to bring the better future we all want. No. In order to start advancing to a better community we need a new sense of urgency from individuals thinking of 5-10 years down the road. The policies of today effect tomorrow.

Lake County seems to have a shadow of mistrust throughout the state. Let’s quash that shadow of mistrust by shaking up the system. We should be giving the challengers a chance and not over looking them because of either party identity or feel they simply don't stand a chance against the current political machine.

It’s my belief as the Republican candidate for District 1 State Senate race that its time for new representation. Who better to bring that new representation than someone with a variety of life experiences and positive thinking to unite us in such decisive times.

I’m a life long resident of Hammond, married to my wife Kelly and have two sons Charles II and Theo. I’m a 2008 graduate of Gavit High School. I have a degree in Computer Information Technology from Indiana Wesleyan University. I served as Vice-President of Dun-Right, my family’s former dry cleaning business. I’m an Army Veteran serving in Afghanistan and currently employed as a Union Steelworker for ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor. In addition to the campaign I’m also the Hammond Republican Chairman and precinct committeeman.

It’s my hope that our community recognizes that my campaign is about securing the needs of my children’s generation, and not for my own personal benefit. My children are my motivation and I would like to leave a legacy of trying to improve the human condition, not only for them, but for all future generations. I’m ready to escalate our campaign activities being unopposed in the primary and bring positive improvements to our community.