Top Issues



  • Hammond will need a budget plan for the next 4-10 years and not something that will just help us get by;
  • People are moving out of Hammond; declining census numbers prove this which results in less tax revenue for the budget;

  • Hammond needs a way to manage our debt in a conservative manner;


  • Hammond residents will see a decrease in property tax because of the tax cap extension starting in 2020;
  • We need responsible and innovative elected officials to do the most with city revenue without increasing taxes;
  • We neeed to ensure our residents want to continue to live in Hammond without the burden of more taxes;


  • I will work on improving ordinances that may be out-dated and over looked;

  • I will propose new ordinances that will either help improve the function of the city or the safety to everyone who lives in Hammond;

  • I will ensure new ordinances don't overstep the freedom provided by the Indiana Constitution and the Constitution of the United States.