Hammond City Council

The City of Hammond


The Importance

   Hammond is the 8th largest city in Indiana and the largest city in Lake County.  We need to elected the right kind of public officials to ensure we have a stable community in the troubling budget cuts that will occurring. 

Better Government

     For too long, the Hammond City Council has been dominated in partisan politics. It's why we need new leadership with true region values that will put families before politics— not more career politicians. 

     Charles believes that restoring trust starts with improving our budget, reforming ordinances and attracting economic growth. These should not be partisan issues, yet all too often that becomes the case and working families are the ones who ultimately pay the price. 

      The Hammond City Council is completely encompassed with Democrats that can't work together and lacks a true voice for those raising families in today's economic times.  Charles will be an independent voice on the council who will work tirelessly to improve the lives of everyday residents of Hammond.


     With a new generation of voters' its important, now more than ever, for someone to take up the challenge of bringing a different voice to our area. This region lacks transparency amongst public officials that can no longer go unchecked.

     Charles will be that change everyone is eager to have. He will bring that new voice that within the community that can't be ignored. By the motivation of his family, not only does Charles know what majority of the residents of Hammond face but he also knows exactly what will help them.

Press Release

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